[Answered] How media play a crucial role in connecting governments and citizens in a democracy. Do you think this role is being under threat in recent time?

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Body. How media act as connecting link between government and citizens? Conclusion. Way forward.

Media is fourth pillar of democracy. It plays an important role in keeping democracy alive and thriving. It is a connecting link between government and citizens in a way it provide information about deeds, policies and inefficiencies of government to the citizens. As a fourth pillar it plays and important role in democracy reaching its true meaning.

Role of media in connecting government and peoples in Indian democracy:

  1. Source of information: An unbiased information is important for a democracy and its growth. Media help in providing critical information to citizens. E.g data on economy, health, education etc. must be correct and accurate without any bias toward government.
  2. Educate: Media is important to educate people on issues that are of utmost important for the society. E.g Increasing number of rape cases are threat to society. It is important to report exact number of cases and help in sensitising the society.
  3. Awareness: Media make society aware of their democratic rights and fight the three institutions of democracy.
  4. Ensuring Justice: Media plays an important role in ensuring justice and benefits of the government policies reaching the weaker sections of the society. They act as a chain between the government and the citizens of the country.
  5. Watchdog: Media reporting on public affairs and investigations into wrongdoing in the administration of public affairs is must for a healthy democracy. This includes exposing frauds or corruption cases that personally benefit politicians. This help citizens to vote the best government defeating corrupt and dishonest government.
  6. Good Governance: Media plays an important role in audit of the government policies and spending. An unbiased media is important for transparent reporting.
  7. Accountability: Media ensure accountability of government by exposing bad state of democracy. This lead to questioning of government by the people leading to accountability and answerability.
  8. Dissemination of government policies: Media is important for spreading and disseminating various government policies and initiatives. E.g. media played an important role in spreading awareness about Swachh Bharat and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.

India is the biggest democracy of world and press and media play an important role in keep this democracy thriving. Media should be neutral in airing views, as it is a vital link between government and Indian citizens. If media is honest and free democracy is bound to function more efficiently. Media is thus necessary for smooth functioning of democracy.

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