[Answered] How technological development is strengthening drug trafficking networks? Suggest some measures to tackle this menace.

Introduction: Describe problem of drug menace?

Body: How technology aids in this problem and measures to resolve drug menace?

Conclusion: Conclude with way forward.

The drug menace is a social problem that destroys families and harms the youth of the country. The money generated from drug trafficking is used further for anti-national activities. India is enclosed by the Golden Triangle (parts of Burma, China, Laos, and Thailand) and Golden Crescent (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran) which account for nearly 90 percent of the world’s drug supply.

How has technology strengthened drug trafficking networks?

  • Increase sales: The selling and delivery of illegal narcotics by traffickers have, in some ways, been made easier by technology. Drug dealers now use the Internet as a key tool for marketing, customer service, and cross-border shipping.
  • Drones usage: Recently, drones were used to supply drugs and weapons across the border in Punjab.
  • Cartelization: Investigations show a close nexus of South American drug cartels with NRIs in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and several European countries along with local drug lords and gangsters in India, who have links with Khalistani terrorists and the ISI in Pakistan.
  • Dark Web: Encrypted online web service has led to anonymous transactions making it difficult for law enforcement to trace individuals and financial transactions.
  • Cryptocurrency: Payments are being made through cryptocurrencies with home deliveries and the use of courier services poses a serious threat to the financial health of the economy.
  • Mobile phones: The use of mobile phones has brought drug dealers and buyers much closer. They interact with encrypted message apps which maintain anonymity and are difficult to monitor and intercept.

What measures can be taken to tackle this menace?

  • Advanced surveillance: Authorities have been able to monitor the transnational transit of drugs and follow the movements of drug traffickers thanks to the development of surveillance and tracking technologies like GPS and satellite photography.
  • Monitoring social media: It has helped identify drug dealer and their network. It helps police identify locations, contacts and trace their activities.
  • Multi-agency cooperation: The drug menace today requires efforts of the Narcotics Control Bureau, State Police, Indian Coast Guard (ICG), and Intelligence agencies together because of the unholy nexus among terrorists and organized gangs/underworld.
  • Education and awareness: Concerted efforts should be organized towards de-addiction and promotion of sports in drug hotspots areas. Counselling youth in schools and universities would be a healthy start to tackle the situation.
  • Global Cooperation: There should be a global agreement regarding limiting the supply of drugs from both regions listed above. Global investigation efforts require the dismantling of South American cartels and disrupting the organized racket of darknet vendors.


India needs to enhance surveillance and tracking on its borders while technological advancements can assist the police and law enforcement to successfully capture drug criminals.

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