[Answered] In case of crisis of conscience does emotional intelligence help to overcome the same without compromising the ethical or moral stand that you are likely to follow? Critically examine. 

Conscience is an inner voice that helps in deciding what is ethical or moral. Crisis of conscience (CoC) is a situation of confusion where either a person is doing something that goes against his/her conscience or voice of conscience is not able to decide what is ethically or morally correct (value conflict).   

For example: Arjun faced crisis of conscience in the beginning of Mahabharat.    

Emotional intelligence is the ability to regulate emotions of oneself and others while also using emotions to make better decisionsCrisis of conscience is an undesirable psychological state and emotional intelligence can help in overcoming it without compromising ethical/ moral standards as: 

  1. Emotional intelligence helps in better understanding of the situation and long-term consequences of one’s action (dispel ethical myopia) making  it easier to explore desirability and ethicality of any action. For example: whistle blowing. 
  2. It can help in reconciling apparently divergent values which may be causing the crisis of conscience. For example: EI can blend objectivity of law with subjectivity of emotions leading to compassionate justice. 
  3. Emotional intelligence gives internal strength to individuals that can enable them to act with integrity and withstand adverse situations. For example: Crisis of conscience is case of coerced corruption or an order from senior which goes against established ethical standards. 
  4. Emotionally intelligent persons are able to persuade others and resolve conflictsFor example: crisis of conflict for a DM arising due to diverging demands by different communities.  
  5. EI helps in controlling selfish desires resolving crisis of conscience arising in cases like public vs. personal interest. 

Despite being important, sometimes, EI may not be sufficient in resolving crisis of conscience. In such cases laws, rules, regulations and social values can act as guides to ethical conduct and help resolve CoC. 


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