[Answered] “In the world of intelligence, information is the principal currency.” In this context illustrate how information plays an important role in security of any nation?

Demand of the question
Introduction. Contextual Introduction.
Body. Significance of right information for internal security.
Conclusion. Way forward.

With rising threats of terrorism, fake news and propagandas by other states, role of information, data, surveillance and intelligence has ever increased in a society. It is important for the security of a nation to gather right information and to act on it to prevent any attack. Failure of information is not only hazardous but can lead to other attacks similar to Mumbai attacks or 9/11.

Significance of right information for internal security:

  1. Deter any attacks or threats: At the state level, intelligence may help to save lives. It is important to prevent wars, attacks and terrorism, and hence save lives.
  2. To develop intelligence: It must be noted that ‘information’ and ‘intelligence’ are two different terms. The latter is produced by a process of analysis or evaluation of the former. Thus right information is must for intelligence services and secure our nation.
  3. To prevent security lapse: The events of the past decades- 9/11, Iraq 2003 and Mumbai attacks– indicate that the failure of intelligence and information structures and processes which are still not error-free.
  4. Regulating unregulated domain: Social media platforms are self-regulated as government does not regulate content appearing on social network platforms. Hence due diligence and information of radical elements on social media is need of the hour.
  5. Organised crime: Information about organised crime is a tool for facilitating related threats of terrorism and propagandas like efforts to provoke extremism, money laundering, violence and crime.
  6. Neutralising terrorist activities: Surveillance is important to counter possible terrorist activities by offering better information on potential terror attacks.
  7. Policy making: Information provides the basis for policy or decisions and allow people, organizations and states, to act rationally. Policy is usually formulated based on principles or grounded in ideologies. Information help in formulating an objective and rational policy related to national security.
  8. Drug trafficking and other crimes: Also, intelligence based on information is must to disrupt the activities of criminal organizations that are involved in drugs, arms or people trafficking.

Information and Intelligence is not only a foundation for state policies, it has always play a significant role in informing and exercising  actions that are not widely appreciated and, indeed, may actually breach domestic or international law. Intelligence agencies not only engage in rather passive activity of gathering intelligence on world affairs, but also try to intervene covertly to influence events on the basis of reliable information.

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