[Answered] “India does not allow dual citizenship to its citizens, but Indian citizens carry dual identities”. Examine.

Demand of the question
Introduction. Contextual Introduction.
Body. How Indian carries single citizenship with dual identities?
Conclusion. Way forward.

India allow its citizens only a single citizenship that is Indian citizenship. Unlike India USA citizens carry dual citizenship in one as a USA citizen and other as citizen of states of USA. In India there is no concept of dual state citizenship. But Indian citizens in their psyche carry dual identities one as Indian and one belong to their state or region.

Single citizenship with dual identities:

  1. There is a feeling of loyalty to a particular part of a country and a wish for it to be more politically independent. It is not just a territorial unit but a culmination of socio-economic and political factors.
  2. There is love towards one’s culture, region, language etc. with love and loyalty to India helping in building brotherhood and commonness on the basis of common language, religion or historical background and it helps a particular regional group to maintain their independent identity.
  3. Within a nation the rise of sub-state actors becoming more powerful is evident. After the Independence, nationalism is promoted and only a single citizenship was muted as concept. The concept of 1 single Nation and also by giving single citizenship apart from unified Judiciary, all India services, and a strong central government. In spite of the efforts the vastness and the diversity of the cultures within our country has created dual identities.
  4. This is a demand by the states for Greater autonomy from the centre this may be because of an increasing interference by the centre in the affairs of the state that led to the regional feelings.The demand for the state it autonomy has also been raised by the regions within some states of the Indian Federation Secession from the union.
  5. The dispute between the regions and primacy given by the states to the language of the majority and the people of their own state in a job opportunity with promoted the feeling of regionalism.
  6. With love for their culture and region people have developed a sense of dual identities with one being as Indian and other as a communal or regional identity.
  7. Son of soil theory has led to development of a regional feeling and sense in Indians with love and loyalty for the country under single citizenship.

The need of the hour is to develop a realistic perception of regionalism at the conceptual level focusing on righteousness and judicial outlook on the path of the political parties. If this objective is achieved then the regionalism of the idea of different communities speaking the diverse language and is linked with particular cultural expression thinking globally acting globally and seeing human unity in diversity in practical terms too would become a distinct possibility.

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