[Answered] Keeping in view India’s internal security, analyse the impact of cross border cyber-attacks. Also discuss defensive measures against these sophisticated attacks.

Cyber threats are anonymous and borderless. Thus, it makes the tracking of criminals difficult and cybersecurity a national security issue. 

Impact of cross border cyber attack 

  1. It will have debilitating impact on Critical Information Infrastructure (Power Plans, nuclear Plants, telecommunications etc.) 
  2. Cross border cyber-attacks can be used to threaten national security by indulging in contemporary forms of cross-border terrorism 
  3. It can be used to disrupt social harmony through radicalization. Terrorists may use social media to plan and execute terror attacks and for “virulent propaganda” to incite hatred and violence, recruit youth and raise funds. 
  4. It can be used as spyware to get sensitive information.(e.g India banning Chinese mobile applications) 

Defensive Measures  

  1. Institutional Measures  
    1. National Cyber Security Coordinator (NCSC) – to coordinate with different agencies at the national level for cyber security matters. 
    2. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) – to issue alerts and advisories regarding latest cyber threats and countermeasures on regular basis to various concerned agencies. 
    3. National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) has been establishedThe post of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has been created in various organisations to deal with cyber security issues.   
    4. Cyber Swachhta Kendra (Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Centre) has been launched for detection of malicious programs and provide free tools to remove the same. 
    5. National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC) has been set up for timely sharing of information with individual entities to enable them to undertake preventive and protective actions against existing and potential cyber security threats.  
  2. Legislative Measures 
    1. Information Technology Act, 2000 to provide legal recognition for electronic communication, electronic commerce and cyber-crimes. IT Act has deterrent provisions to deal with cyber threats and cyber-attacks. 
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