[Answered] Mains Marathon I Daily Answer Writing I Feb 12, 2022

Good Morning Friends,

Following are answers to Mains Marathon questions, we posted yesterday.

About Mains Marathon – This is an initiative of ForumIAS to help/aid aspirants in their writing skills, which is crucial to conquering mains examination.

Every morning, we post 3 questions are based on current affairs. The questions framed are meaningful and relevant to the exam. Answer to which, we provide the next day.

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Q1. ‘Despite an increase in cyber threats, there has been a little change in the method of response’. In the context of this statement, explain the threats posed by ransomware attacks and the response required to mitigate the risks. 


Q2. What is Nuclear Fusion? What are the major challenges in harnessing energy from the nuclear fusion process? Briefly comment on the progress made in this regard. 


Q3. What do you understand by Compulsory Licensing under the TRIPS regime? Do you think that a TRIPS waiver on IP Rights would be able to ensure vaccine equity and plug the access gap for COVID-19 vaccines? 


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