[Answered] Mains Marathon I Daily Answer Writing I Jan 28, 2022

Good Morning Friends,

Following are answers to Mains Marathon questions, we posted yesterday.

About Mains Marathon – This is an initiative of ForumIAS to help/aid aspirants in their writing skills, which is crucial to conquering mains examination.

Every morning, we post 3 questions are based on current affairs. The questions framed are meaningful and relevant to the exam. Answer to which, we provide the next day.

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1. Despite well-intentioned efforts at formalization, the challenge of informality looms large for India.” Explain.


2. Critically analyze the desirability of proposed amendments to IAS cadre rules, with special reference to the federal character of India. 


3. “Ukraine crisis is not some distant trouble in a faraway land, it will present India with toxic choices and deep-seated consequences”. In the light of this statement, examine the implications of the Ukraine crisis for India.


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