[Answered] “Pressure Groups play a vital role in influencing public policy making in India.” Explain how the business associations contribute to public policies.

Pressure Groups are a group of people organized actively to promote and defend their common interests and influence public policy. They act as the liaison between government and its members. 

Role of Pressure Groups –  

  1. Promote opportunities for political participation without political party 
  2. Provide expertise and information to government;  
  3. Help in expressing views and needs of minority groups which remain unheard  
  4. Attract the attention of government on important issues  
  5. Act as safety valve in the democracy to vent out the pressure of people. 

Role of Business Associations:  

  1. Engaging with the policy makers, government and civil society, influencing policies by way of articulating the views and suggestions of industry. (e.g. – FICCI, CII) 
  2. Communicate the grievances and demands of various sectors and industries to the government. 
  3. Conduct workshops, seminars, business meets and conferences to discuss, debate various upcoming and existed policies of the government. 
  4. Provides a platform for consensus-building and networking on key issues   
  5. Provide useful and credible research on existing and newer developments in areas such as industrial operations, infrastructure and technology. 
  6. Provide valuable information on potentials and new developments in foreign trade by studying the trade environment and imports regulations of many foreign countries. 
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