[Answered] SVAMITVA scheme will unleash productive forces in agriculture and non-farm rural activities. Analyze.

SVAMITVA scheme aims at establishment of clear ownership of property in rural areas. It will be done by mapping of land parcels using drone technology and providing ‘record of rights’ to eligible households by issuing legal ownership cards to them. In short, the scheme provides rural people with the right to document their residential properties.

Usefulness of SVAMITVA scheme for agriculture

Creation of the most durable record of property holdings in areas with no legacy revenue records. It will ensure the development of proper real estate markets in the rural areas.

Error free data: Due to use of technology, data will be free from measurement errors to a large extent, thus it will increase the trust of purchaser and creditors.

Institutional Credit: In the absence of a legal document, the owner of the property in the rural areas is not able to leverage it as a financial asset acceptable by the banks to provide loans and other financial assistance. With the PM SVAMITVA Scheme, rural areas can get easy access to formal credit with the help of an SVAMITVA card. The credit can be used to set up business or development of farms.

Tax determination and collections: With accurate land records and GIS maps, Gram Panchayats will be able to streamline their property tax determination and collections. Stream lined taxes will ensure empowered gram panchayat to complete small infrastructure needs of the area.

Effective implementation of Schemes: The digitization of agricultural land records has contributed to the smooth implementation of the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, Fasal Bima Yojana and Rythu Bnadhu.

Settlement of land disputes: Accurate determination of land records will serve as a means of reduction in property-related disputes.

Gram Panchayat Development Plans (GPDPs): The scheme will enable the creation of better-quality GPDPs, using the maps created under this programme.

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