[Answered] Teachers with skills and passion for the profession are foundational to the positive educational change envisaged by the NEP. In light of the statement, suggest the steps required to improve the quality of teaching in India that can be helpful in the realization of goals envisaged in the National Education Policy.

Introduction: Contextual introduction.
Body: Write some measures required to improve the quality of teaching in India that can be helpful in the realization of goals envisaged in the National Education Policy.
Conclusion: Write a way forward.

The NEP 2020 insists, ‘Teachers truly shape the future of our children and, therefore, the future of our nation’. It implies that teachers play the most important role in nation-building by creating high-quality human resources in their classrooms.

Measures to improve the quality of teaching in India:

  • We need is a coherent strategy to tie together the various tests and processes such as TET, teacher recruitment tests, classroom demonstrations and teacher interviews. This will enable a holistic assessment of teacher competence.
  • National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education, NCFTE should be drafted to guide all teacher education, pre-service and in-service, of teachers working in academic, vocational & special education stream.
  • Teacher Eligibility Tests (TETs)should be extended to cover teachers across all the new stages (Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary) of school education.
  • Recruiting teachers to a school complex and sharing them across the group of schools to deal with shortage of teachers particularly for music, dance, art, craft, counsellors, coaches, vocational education trainers, classical language teachers.
  • Encourages school complexes to hire local eminent persons or expertsas ‘master instructors’ in various subjects, such as in traditional local arts, vocational crafts, entrepreneurship, agriculture etc.
  • Creating performance standardsfor teachers clearly spelling out the role of the teacher at different levels of expertise/stage and competencies required for that stage. Teacher Audit or Performance Appraisals that will be carried at regular intervals.
  • Enculturation of Teacher Empowerment Teachers autonomyin selecting appropriate pedagogy and encourages them to also ensure socio-emotional learning of their students, which is a critical aspect of holistic development.
  • Innovative teaching methodsadopted by teachers to improve the learning outcomes will be recognised, documented, and shared widely as recommended practices.

Teachers can turn the tide and lead the Indian education system out of its current morass of aimlessness and inflexibility to become a progressive, flexible, multidisciplinary, technology and skill focussed education system that will have the capability to produce competent, creative, skilled, employable and ethical learners.

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