[Answered] “The rise of Asia represents the beginnings of a shift in the balance of economic power in the world and the future will be shaped partly by how Asia exploits the opportunities and meets the challenges.” In light of this statement, discuss the role of India in realising Asian Century.

Demand of the question
Introduction. Contextual Introduction.
Body. Challenges and opportunities in front of Asian to take care of for realising Asian century. Role of India in realising Asian Century.
Conclusion. Way forward.

The Asian Century is the projected 21st century dominance of Asian economics, politics and culture. The growing importance and emphasis of unity in Asia, demand progressive relationships among countries in the region to realise the 21st Asian Century. The success of Asian century depends upon how the Asian exploit the opportunities and how they tackle the challenges like environmental issues along with sustainable growth.

Challenges and opportunities in front of Asian to take care of for realising Asian century:

  1. Getting better value out of global value chains: Much greater efforts are required to get better value out of value chains by opening markets, strengthening human capital and technological and innovative capacities.
  2. Focus on equality: Discrimination, prejudice and persecution are rife in Asia, thereby preventing economies and societies to realise their full potential. E.g. women in common, India’s lower castes etc need to be provided with equal opportunities, to realise the full potential.
  3. Solving demographic dilemmas: Most Asian countries face demographic dilemmas. Much of the youth is not well educated and there are not enough jobs on offer. A potential demographic dividend could easily morph into an explosion of social frustration. It is important to prevent this.
  4. Combating piracy: Asia is a major player in many aspects of economic crime like counterfeiting and piracy, Illegal drug production and trafficking, human trafficking and smuggling, corruption and money laundering. This criminality is eating away at the integrity of the state, as state actors are very often criminals themselves or are colluding with criminals.
  5. Peace and harmony: While many factors have underpinned Asia’s renaissance over the past half century or more, the relative peace that the region has enjoyed has been perhaps the most important. E.g. after the rise of China, it is engaged in a bitter power struggle, boundary disputes with its Asian neighbours.

Role of India in realising Asian Century:

  1. Economic development: Asian century can’t be realised without economic development especially of India, which accommodate 2nd largest population of the world.
  2. Demographic dividend: India is undergoing through a phase of demographic dividend. India can provide brain and talent that is important for Asian century. By providing opportunities and employment driven by economic growth is necessary.
  3. Success of new organisations: New Organisations like Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and economic deals like Trans Pacific partnership and RCEP are indicator of Asia emerging as a centre for geo-economics and geo-politics. These platforms as a centre of Asian century can not be successful without India’s participation.
  4. Trade: The fact that India and China are the two big Asian giants, it is imperative for both of them to be allies so as to support each other and continue their bid for the strongest power. Thus India need to play an important trade player in the region.

It should also be noted that China continues to have border skirmishes and unbalanced trade negotiations with India. China has been seen with a lot of speculation not just in India, but outside as well and on various fronts. Without Chinese cooperation and change in attitude it is tough to realise progress on bilateral relations. India should push China for better relations and should try to establish trust among among two nations.

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