[Answered] To what extent do you think, PM SHRI schools scheme, will be helpful in achieving the objectives set by National Education Policy?

Introduction: Contextual introduction.
Body: Explain how PM SHRI schools scheme will be helpful in achieving the objectives set by National Education Policy.  Also write some concerns.

Conclusion: Write a way forward.

PM SHRI (PM Schools for Rising India) schools will provide high-quality education in an equitable, inclusive and joyful school environment. The schools will be developed as Green schools. Under the PM SHRI scheme, 14,500 schools across India’s states and Union Territories will be upgraded with modern infrastructure, the latest learning tools and technology, smart classrooms, upgraded sports facilities, etc.

Helpful in achieving the objectives of National Education Policy:

  • PM SHRI schools can become a medium to bring change brought by the new education policies (NEP and NCF).
  • Every region will have PM SHRI schools that will mentor other schools in their areas. It will also have range of learning experiences, good infrastructure among others.
  • These schools will include a variety of pedagogies and assessment systems along with vocational education.
  • These schools will provide linkages with counsellors and local industry to provide employment opportunities to their students.
  • The schools will also be developed into “green schools” with solar panels, smarter waste disposal, and management systems, naturally farmed nutrition gardens, water conservation and harvesting system, and more.
  • Career guidance and mentoring will be provided by the alumni and parents will also be trained to become home mentors.
  • The school will become community centres after the regular hours and converge with existing schemes like PM Poshan, Samagrah Shiksha and Ayushman Bharat.
  • The curricular and extra-curricular activities will also be redesigned to reflect the key features of the NEP 2020.


  • The poor status, low salaries and inadequate working conditions discourage talented people from entering the teaching profession.
  • There is also lack of investment in high-quality teachers, training and resource materials along with the lack in teacher training schools in India.

For the PM SHRI schools to succeed, a teacher training programme must be in place to train the educators in the pedagogical practices proposed by the NEP. As far as principals are concerned, there is a great crisis of leadership.

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