[Answered] What are the issues associated with the global efforts to counter terrorism? Also, highlight the steps taken by the government of India to Counter Global Terrorism.

Introduction: Contextual introduction.
Body: Explain some issues associated with the global efforts to counter terrorism. Also write some steps taken by the government of India to Counter Global Terrorism.

Conclusion: Write a way forward.

Terrorism is the illegitimate use of force to provide injury to common people for political and ideological gains. Recently, India has decided to host the special session of the United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee (UNSC-CTC). It is focused on new and emerging technologies.

Issues associated with the global efforts to counter terrorism:

  • Lack of response: The “Global War On Terrorism” (GWOT), as it was conceived by thepost-9/11 United States is over, as the United States negotiated with the Taliban, and then withdrew from Afghanistan.
  • Global polarisation: The growing global polarisation over the Russia-Ukraine war is not only shifting the focus from terrorismbut is also blurring the lines on what constitutes terrorism.
  • Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism: very little progress has been made on the actual issues such as the definition of terrorism, concerns over human rights law conflicts etc. Moreover, consensus for the convention is still elusive.
  • Emerging technologies: Drones are already being used todeliver funds, drugs, weapons, ammunition, and even improvised explosive devices.
  • After the COVID-19 pandemic, there is concern about the use of biowarfare, and Gain-of-Function (GoF) research to mutate viruses and vectors.
  • Terror financing usesbitcoins and cryptocurrency, and terror communications use social media, the dark web, and even gaming centres.

The following steps have been taken by the government of India to counter global terrorism:

  • Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (MLATs): in criminal matters to facilitate the investigation, collection of evidence etc. have been signed with other countries.
  • In 2018, India highlighted its demand for a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism(CCIT) at the UN General Assembly (UNGA).
  • Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System:It vastly improves the capability of Border Security Force (BSF) in detecting and controlling human trafficking and cross border terrorism, etc.
  • Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967:It enables more effective prevention of certain unlawful activities of individuals and associations and for dealing with terrorist activities etc.
  • National Investigation Agency:It is India’s counter-terrorist task force and is empowered to deal with terror related crimes across states without special permission from the states.
  • Policy of Zero-Tolerance:India calls for zero-tolerance agianst terrorism and focuses on developing a common strategy to curb it.

India, as host of counter-terrorism events, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the next G-20, must stop fighting the “last war” on terrorism.

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