[Answered] What do you understand by integrity. Why integrity is important for civil servants?

Introduction. Explain about integrity.
Body. Write some significance of integrity in civil services.
Conclusion. Way forward.

Integrity means the ability of an individual to remain consistent and committed to his/her personal and professional values. It means that one adheres to ethical and moral values, code of conduct and code of ethics. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Integrity requires in a civil servant to incorporate the values of honesty, sympathy empathy, compassion, fairness, self control and duty so that he/she will be able to uphold high personal and professional standards in all circumstances.

Why integrity is important in civil services?

  • Develop conscience:g. Policeman ordered to fire on unarmed peaceful protestors. Honest policeman will obey the order. Policeman of integrity, will refuse to fire.
  • Social good: Civil servants are provided with immense powers and responsibilities towards society. There impartiality and honesty is important for social good and development.
  • Counter the evil of corruption: In public administration, corruption deny many people their just rights and also hinder economic development.
  • Prevent to take wrong decisions: The actions of public servants have a direct bearing on the character of the community, thus they should have integrity that prevent them to take wrong decisions which could harm the society.
  • Role in development: Civil servants have an important role to play in development and achievement of goals of social, economic and political justice and equality of status and opportunity in society.
  • Responsible for managing public resources and money entrusted to them for the benefit of the citizens for instance funds to be used for development has been raised through taxes are used for provision of public good.
  • Prevents misuse of power: It ensure that civil servant do not misuse his/her official position to further his private interest for instance taking bribe by police to file an FIR.
  • Important for good governance: To prevent failures which may occur due to resistance to accountability and transparency.

Integrity in civil services is imperative to deal with public and their affairs fairly, efficiently and sensitively. It is also necessary to ensure good governance and allow a civil servant to perform his/her duties with honesty and allow better administration. The need of the hour is to ensuring integrity through training and proper vigilance.


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