[Answered] What do you understand by voice of conscience? How voice of conscience can help in right decision making?

Demand of the question
Introduction. What is voice of conscience?
Body. How voice of conscience can help in right decision making?
Conclusion. Way forward.

Conscience is inner moral sense of a person which guides him/her to regulate his behaviour. Voice of conscience corresponds to an inner voice that judges your behaviour. Voice of conscience is the source of ethical decision making for many.

How voice of conscience can help in right decision making?

  1. Conscience can be defined as something within each of us that tells us what is right and what is wrong. Therefore if one use his/her conscience when making decisions it would be guided by what is the right thing to do and what is wrong.
  2. Our conscience is our inner guide and it helps you figure out how to make good choices. As we grow up, we learn right from wrong. Our conscience is the thought and feeling we have that tells us whether something is a right or wrong thing to do or say. Thus voice of Conscience is a consistent guide to ethical decision making.
  3. A person can prepare himself/herself to heed to the voice of conscience by:
  4. Pausing and thinking about the dimensions of issue.
  5. Practicing the power of silence.
  6. Meditating and prayer.
  7. Freeing oneself from external influences and selfish interests.
  8. A human being always comes across ethical dilemmas in the decision making the process. Voice of Conscience acts as the guide for taking correct decisions when we have to choose between competing sets of principles in a given, usually undesirable or perplexing, situation. Example:  Helping accident victim on your way to an interview.
  9. The voice of conscience of an individual helps in analysing the situation from different perspectives and help in taking the right decision.
  10. Voice of Conscience helps in avoiding Conflicts of interest for better decision making. It can help in deciding between personal gains and public welfare.
  11. Voice of Conscience is our ability to make a practical decision in light of ethical values and principles.
  12. Voice of Conscience is a person’s moral compass of right and wrong as well as the consciousness of one’s actions. Expressions such as ‘gut feeling’ and ‘guilt’ are often applied in conjunction with a conscience.
  13. The voice of conscience might suggest different principles and different behaviours to different situations. But it for a moment help individual from not doing wrong based on universal values.

A voice of conscience which is both well-formed (shaped by education and experience) and well informed (aware of facts, evidence and so on) enables us to know ourselves and our world and act accordingly. Thus, Voice of conscience act as a source of ethical decision making.

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