[Answered] What is eVTOL aircraft? What new regulations and policy changes does India need to better integrate these aircraft?

Introduction: Explain eVTOL.
Body: Write some policies that India needs to better integrate eVTOL .
Conclusion: Write a brief conclusion.

 An electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is one that uses electric power to hover, take off and land vertically. Most eVTOLs also use distributed electric propulsion technology which means integrating a complex propulsion system with the airframe. This technology has grown due to successes in electric propulsion based on progress in motor, battery, fuel cell, and electronic controller technologies. It is also fuelled by the need for new vehicle technology that ensures urban air mobility (UAM). Thus, eVTOL is one of the newer technologies and developments in the aerospace industry.

Need of policy changes:

  • There is a need to formulate regulations for pilotless vehicles, airworthiness certifications, and the need for a pilot’s license.
  • Implement efficient energy management systems, onboard sensors, collision detection systems and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.
  • Need for infrastructural support like take-off and landing zones, parking lots, charging stations, and vertiports.
  • Create a robust air traffic management system that is integrated with other modes of transportation, and a database to ensure operational and mechanical safety.
  • There needs to be a document that outlines compliance for eVTOLs and also aligns frameworks to meet the standards adopted in commercial aviation, especially when it comes to safety.
  • A policy that can handle challenges associated with eVTOL such as cyber-attacks, operations in difficult terrain, unsafe operating environments and bad weather, will be required.

The global market for eVTOLs is to grow to $30.8 million by 2030. This high demand will be on account of green energy and noise-free aircraft, cargo carrying concepts and the need for new modes of transport.   EVTOLs promise a faster, safer and greener mode of transportation – potentially changing the way we work and live.


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