[Answered] What is ISRO’s Young Scientist Programme 2020? Discuss its need and significance.

Demand of the question Introduction. What is ISRO’s Young Scientist Programme? Body. Discuss the need and significance of ISRO’s Young Scientist Programme. Conclusion. Way forward.

Indian Space Research Organisation has launched a special programme for school children called ‘Young Scientist Programme’ (YSP) or ‘Yuva Vigyani Karyakram’ (YUVIKA) which is primarily aimed at imparting basic knowledge on space technology, space science and space applications to the younger ones. The programme will include talks, experience sharing by the eminent scientists, facility and lab visits, exclusive sessions for discussions with experts, practical and feedback sessions.

Need of the program:

  1. Scientific temper: Such a programme is needed to constantly engage youngsters across India and to capture their scientific temperament. The YSP will inspire students across schools and colleges.
  2. Manpower: Growth of the space sector is hampered by the scarcity of graduates and technicians with relevant skills and qualifications. Catching them at a young age would help students to acquire required skills and enter space careers at a later stage.
  3. Career in space: The space industry is the fastest growing industry today and promises to be one of the most important sectors for job creation in the future. Space careers include being a space scientist, space engineer, mathematicians and even administrators. Programmes like YSP will motivate youth to take interest in space activities and develop a career in it.
  4. Future scientists: YSP is important to develop future scientists especially in the space sector. It would help in building a diverse community of next-generation scientific leaders.
  5. Experience sharing: Schools have limitations when it comes to offering real-time training experience in space science. Limitations are due to lack of supportive curriculum, space, time and expertise of in house faculty. Thus, such a programme will bring several advantages like well-researched content, experienced faculties and defined learning process to the school.

Significance of the program:

  1. Interest in space activities: Its intent is to arouse their interest in the emerging areas of space activities. Indian students can reach for the skies if inquisitiveness is provided to them. The interest in space is instilled in them right from the school days, the students can really go big in the field of space and astronomy.
  2. Awareness: Many students do not know about space activities in the country. The program is aimed at creating awareness amongst the youngsters who are the future building blocks of our Nation.
  3. Rural involvement: Rural students lack means to get information about space activities and how to make a career in it. Students belonging to the rural area have been given special weightage in the selection criteria.
  4. Leadership skills: YSP would help in developing leadership skills and a fuller understanding of global, regional and industry agendas.
  5. Platform for engagement: The YSP will provide the students an excellent opportunity and open discussion platform for a scientific and personal experience and exchanging ideas. Scientists will present and discuss their activities in laboratory medicine, benefit from career skills development.

It is difficult for children to maintain an interest in science just from their activities in school. Thus, it is important to foster their interest outside the classroom through such programs. Young science program of ISRO will play an important role in inspiring students in space activities.

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