[Answered]Comment on the significance of farmers union in India. What are various challenges faced by them?

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Introduction. Contextual introduction.

Body. Significance of farmers unions. Challenges faced by them.

Conclusion. Way forward.

Farmers unions are a group of farmers that work for the cause of farmers and try to solve various issues related to farming. In India The Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS), All India Krantikari Kisan Sabha, All India Agragamee Kisan Sabha, RythuRakshanaVedika, Bharat Beej Swaraj Manch are some of farmers union. They work by putting pressure on the government, using media, pushing for structural reforms etc.

Significance of farmers union:

  1. Farmers Union, supports and encourages local and regional food systems.
  2. They represent family farmers and consumers on issues such as energy and food security, agriculture sustainability, rural development, and environmental conservation.
  3. They stand against monopolies in our food system, and it advocates for truth in labelling, competitive markets, a level playing field, and access to markets for our family farmers.
  4. Farmers union educates farmers on issues such as food safety.
  5. They supports and encourages the development of cooperative businesses.
  6. They work for fair food prices for both farmers and consumers involving, educating and empowering rural youth for a better future.
  7. They help in building healthy, vibrant rural communities, ensuring an adequate supply of safe, nutritious food.
  8. They help to achieve the reduction of costs and other measures designed to increase the economic benefits of farming.
  9. They strive to promote a higher standard of community life in agriculture.

Challenges faced by farmers union in India:

  1. The unions focus only on limited issues with a narrow vision.
  2. These unions often face political interference. Affiliation to political parties has been a poisonous pill for the unions.
  3. Illiteracy of farmers is a big challenge faced by these unions in order to help farmers about their rights and needs.
  4. Funding is a big issue faced by the unions. There are very few organisations ready to lend to these unions.
  5. Lack of scientific management, government support has led to hurdles in the functioning of these unions.

Way forward:

  1. The unions have to expand their scope to include all the issues that have a strong bearing on the future of farmers’ livelihoods.
  2. The state of the national economy, governance issues, transparency, government revenue collections and allocation of resources need to be equally focused.
  3. Equally critical are issues like the rupee exchange rate, relative inflation and improving nutrition by generating consumer demand for fruits, vegetables and proteins in India, which is amongst the lowest in the world.

The farmers unions help to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for farmers and rural communities. They work for promoting legislation and education beneficial to farmers, and by developing cooperative buying and selling methods and businesses. These unions are key to farmers’ welfare and their cause.

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