[Answered]Describe briefly what stem cell therapy is and what advantages it has over other treatments?

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Introduction. What is stem cell therapy?

Body. Discuss how stem cells therapy works and various advantages of stem cell therapy over other treatments.

Conclusion. Way forward.

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells. Treatments or therapies are used stem cells to prevent or treat any disease are known as stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy promotes the reparative treatment of diseased, dead or injured tissue.

How stem cells therapy works?

  1. Stem cell extraction: The basic process of stem cell therapy starts with taking out of stem cells containing bone marrow and processing the stem cells in a lab.
  2. Specialisation: Then stem cells are specialized into the necessary adult cell type. These stem cells are manipulated to specialize into specific types of cells, such as heart muscle cells, blood cells or nerve cells.
  3. Implantation: Then, those mature cells replace tissue that is damaged by disease or injury.This type of treatment could be used to:
  • Replace neurons damaged by spinal cord injury, stroke or other neurological problems.
  • Produce insulin that could treat people with diabetes or cartilage to repair damage caused by arthritis.
  • Replace virtually any tissue or organ that is injured or diseased.
  • The cells could be used to study disease, identify new drugs, or screen drugs for toxic side effects.

Various advantages of stem cell therapy over other treatments:

  1. Potential to Reverse Diseases: By directing stem cells to differentiate into specialised cell types, there is the possibility to provide a renewable source of replacement cells for those suffering from diseases.
  2. Minimal invasion: Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical procedure with no incisions of the body. Traditional surgeries leave behind scars that require extended time periods to heal.
  3. Faster recovery: Since the procedure is quick and minimally invasive, it requires very little to no time for the recovery process. One can get back to their routine work on the next day of the procedure.
  4. Natural healing: The human body has the potential to heal by itself with the help of stem cell therapy. Once the stem cells are injected at the site of injury, they stimulate the growth of new cells, which repair and heal the damaged tissue.
  5. Prevents complications: Unlike most of the medical treatments, stem cell therapy comes with no side effects. It also prevents infections and reduces the risk of complications.

Stem cell therapy and science have a lot of potential. It can revolutionise the treatment and pharmaceutical industry. Stem cell treatment is still under research mode in India. Indian Government is supporting various basic pre-clinical and clinical research. In 2013, National Guidelines for Stem Cell Research were released. These guidelines help the clinicians and scientists working in the field to conduct research in a scientific and ethical manner.

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