[Answered]“Ministers at both the Central and State levels should follow a model code of conductwhich in turn would ensure democratic accountability.” Comment.

Demand of the question

Introduction. Contextual Introduction.

Body. Discuss the need of code of conduct for ministers and legislative individuals. What is the importance of such a code of conduct?

Conclusion. Way forward.

The Ministerial Code means setting out rules and standards for government ministers especially while any public dealing.In a major move to curb disruptions in legislative bodies and ensure responsible public speaking, a uniform code of conduct for lawmakers is important. It is important in the wake of disruptions and poor productivity of legislative bodies in term of laws and bills passed on national issues.

Need of code of conduct for legislative individuals:

  1. There is need of a code of conduct to ensure public morality and accountability in public speech among ministers.
  2. Codes of conduct for ministers are amongst a range of initiatives designed to respond to perceptions of the erosion of ministerial accountability, and to preserve public trust in the institutions of cabinet government.
  3. There has been continuous disruption of parliament by members in the past. The second half of Budget Session of 2018 witnessed complete washout. Frequent disruptions lead to adjournment of the house.The productivity of the Lok Sabha and that of the Rajya Sabha is impacted by such disruptions.
  4. The behaviour of parliamentarians is seen by the whole country and it impacts the legitimacy of the institution of parliament.
  5. The politicians representing their constituencies in the Parliament and must focus on the issues than political propagandas which often lead to disruption.
  6. It is important to prohibit MPs from misusing the power and privileges they get.
  7. A code of conduct for legislators is essential at the time, to develop a discipline in the house and check derogatory remarks.

Importance of code of conduct:

  1. Parliamentarians and State Legislatives are the representative institutions and accountable to the people. Code of conduct is needed to ensure parliamentarians do their duty efficiently.
  2. Code of conduct is important for matters and issues to be constructively discussed and debated in the public in an efficient manner.
  3. There is a need of extensive and healthy debates in the Legislatures for passing the laws and the House needs to function without any interruptions.
  4. A common Code of Conduct for ministers will help in checking unnecessary interruptions and will enhance productivity in Parliament.

Code of conduct is necessary to put in place some mechanism to check unruly Members of Parliament. It should also be ensured that the Code should not become a tool to curb the speech .

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