[Answered]One of the tests of integrity is complete refusal to be compromised. Explain with reference to a real life example.

Demand of the question

Introduction. Contextual Introduction.

Body. How integrity is an uncompromising virtue? Real life examples to show the same.

Conclusion. Way forward.

Integrity means adopting similar standards or moral principles in similar situations across different time and different situations. In other words it means to be honest and consistent in thoughts, speech and action. A man of integrity is never influenced by temptations and pressures from outside and would only respond to his conscience.

Integrity- a compete refusal to be compromised:

  1. Integrity is the practice of synchronisation of thought, words and actions. It can be correlated to honesty but unlike honesty it’s more a professional value. It’s related to institution. It advocates sacrifice of personal gains in favour of organisational objectives.
  2. Integrity help individual to keep in mind the aim/ purpose of one’s action or inaction and acting consistently with that choice—even when it is inconvenient or unprofitable to do so; choosing the right course of conduct in conformity with moral principles; openly declaring one’s intentions or where one stands; and results of one’s actions.
  3. Integrity means adherence to principles. Integrity requires a person to follow his conscience in all matters all the time. If integrity get compromised our conscience get filled with guilt and disturb our internal peace.
  4. Sometimes, we may have some vested or selfish interests.Taking wrong path may seems easier and convenient. But no matter how difficult it is, Integrity requires us to never compromise.
  5. It is a three-step process:
  • Choosing the right course of conduct.
  • Acting consistently with the choice even when it is inconvenient or unprofitable to do so.
  • Openly declaring where one stands. Accordingly, integrity is equated with moral reflection, steadfastness to commitments, trustworthiness.

Real life example of not being compromised:

  1. Integrity is a term used to describe a person’s level of honesty, moral commitments, and willingness to do what’s right. For example, we expect our doctors to be honest with us about diagnoses. We expect this because, in most societies, doctors are perceived to be people of great integrity with strong moral compasses.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi worshipped truth and non-violence throughout his life. To maintain integrity with his principle he cancelled the Non-Cooperation movement. The refusal to continue movement was good in his perception rather than compromising with integrity even if many were against his decision to drawback the movement. He maintained the truth and integrity with his principles even in crucial times.
  3. Integrity helps a person to be loyal with his/her organisation, to have love, empathy, compassion for the vulnerable, not to abide to any illegal offer etc. One of the best real life example is Mr. Ashok Khemka (a 1991 batch IAS officer of the Haryana Cadre) who has been transferred 51st times in his 24 years of Civil Service career. He is being awarded the S R Jindal Prize in 2011 for ‘crusade against corruption’ for his effort in exposing corruption in high places.

Integrity requires a self discipline and will power capable of resisting the temptation. Its priceless reward is peace of mind and true dignity.  A person with strong integrity is less likely to be influenced by those of a lesser moral value.

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