[Answers] Mains Marathon I Daily Answer Writing I March 24, 2020

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We are posting Todays Mains Marathon Answers

About Mains Marathon- This is an initiative of ForumIAS to help/aid aspirants in their writing skills, which is crucial to conquering mains examination.

Every morning, we post 4 questions for students to practice. 3 questions are based on current affairs [dynamic part] and 1 question is based on the static syllabus. The questions framed are meaningful and relevant to the exam. Answers of the question are posted in the evening on the same day. 

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Mains Marathon Archives

  1. What is Quantum Technology? Discuss its potential applications and the significance of ‘National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications’ in this direction.


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  1. In the recent event of coronavirus epidemics, there is an urgent need for effective social security measures in place. Discuss.


  1. Explain the working mechanism of vaccines. Discuss the significance of vaccination and mention various challenges regarding vaccination in India.


  1. Briefly enlist the constitutional provisions related to tribunals in India. Critically analyse the role of tribunals in the Indian judicial system.



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