Anthropology Optional Test 2 for UPSC Mains 2017 : Mains Marathon


Dear Friends, Here is the 2nd Mains Marathon Anthropology Optional Test. Click Here for Mains Marathon Anthropology Optional Plan

Below is the Test:

Anthropology Test – 2

1. Describe absolute dating methods in archaeology. 2. Write a short note on Ceremonial exchange. 3. Describe the different types of political systems and their evolution. 4. Differentiate between modern law and primitive law. 5. Describe Neolithic culture with examples from Indian Neolithic culture. 6. What is barter? Explain the role of market in tribal communities. 7. Explain nature of production, distribution and exchange in societies subsisting on : (i) Fishing (ii) Pastoralism 8. Explain the meaning and scope of political anthropology. 9. Write a short note on Australopithecines. 10. Explain the chiefdom in tribal society. 11. Discuss different modes of exchange in primitive societies with example. 12. Explain the concepts of power, legitimacy and authority in political anthropology. 13.

  • Discuss the impacts of globalization on indigenous economic system of tribal. 14. Critically discuss the formalist and substantivist approaches in the context of economic anthropology. 15. Describe nature of production, distribution and exchange in hunting and gathering communities. 16. Discuss the scope of economic anthropology and its relevance. 17. Discuss nature of law and justice in primitive societies. 18. Describe the means of social control in simpler societies. 19. Differentiate between state and stateless society. 20. Write a short note on Horticulture in economic anthropology.

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