Apologies from the Blog Team – Request for re-subscription to Blog

Dear Friends,

At the outset, we want to apologise to you for those of you who are unable to receive email updates from the ForumIAS Blog Team.

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We request that those of you who have been following the Blog, and have stopped receiving emails from us ( Must Read News, 9 PM Brief, 10Pm Quiz ), can start getting the updates from Blog by entering your email address below and re-subscribe.

( We cannot automatically resubscribe EVERYONE, as the re-subscription is a two step process )

Also, please note that having a ForumIAS Account does not automatically subscribe you to the Blog – where we run free initiatives for IAS Preparation.

Also, We have also revamped the whole site to make it more you-friendly.

Please click here to enter your email address and re-subscribe.

Please note

  • You will have to check your Inbox and click on “confirm follow” so that you can start receiving updates from the ForumIAS Blog.
  • You can change subscription preference anytime later, – such as receiving updates as soon as a update occurs, daily, or weekly.
  • If you don’t know whether you are subscribed or not you can find out by entering your email address, and the system will tell you that you are already subscribed!

Subscription Link : https://blog.forumias.com/subscribe

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