Apologies to all ForumIAS Blog Followers + Request to Resubscribe

Dear Friends,

We want to apologise to you and inform you that there was a dataloss at our end that took away a significant number of posts created on ForumIAS.

While we manually re-posted all the blog posts, we also lost the email address of lot of subscribers of our blog. Despite our best efforts, we could not recover it.

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( This does not affect the ForumIAS Community or Academy website.)

We request that those of you who have been following the Blog, and have stopped receiving emails from us, can  start getting the updates from Blog by entering your email address here and confirming the subscription link in your email box.

We are working on better IT Infrastructure for our services.

Please click here to enter your email address and subscribe.

( You can change subscription preference anytime later, as it will be managed by wordspress.org )

ForumIAS Blog Team

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