Bengaluru scientists develop “Arka Shubha variety of Marigold”

What is the News?

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research(IIHR) has come out with a new variety of Marigold flower called “Arka Shubha variety of Marigold”.

Marigold Flower:

  • It is mostly herbaceous plants belonging to the sunflower family Asteraceae.
  • The flowers are native to the Americas, growing naturally from the southwestern United States into South America. However, some species have become naturalized around the world.

Significance of Arka Shubha variety of Marigold:

  • Generally, flowers lose their value if they get spoiled either due to rain or delay in harvest. However, from this variety, crude carotene can be extracted, even if flowers are spoilt.
  • The Arka Shubha variety of marigold has a carotene content of 2.8%. It is more than other marigold varieties(1.4%) and is also the highest carotene content from a plant source.
  • Carotene is mainly used in the pharmaceutical sector. Presently, India imports most of its carotene from China and other countries.

Other Uses:

  • Ornamental Purposes: These flowers can be sold for ornamental purposes too.
  • Poultry Sector: This variety is of use in the poultry sector as well. Its petals could be used as feed to get quality yolk. It can also be used as feed for sheep too.

Source: The Hindu

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