Army prepares road map for induction of electric vehicles

Source: The post is based on the article “Army prepares road map for induction of electric vehicles” published in The Hindu on 13th October 2022.

What is the News?

The Army has planned a road map to induct electric vehicles (EVs) wherever possible considering the operational commitment.

About the Army’s road map for the induction of EVs

Present status of EVs in the Army: The Army has already started using EVs as part of civil hired transport. Stations such as Delhi Cantonment have already established charging stations to support EVs being hired or inducted subsequently.

Factors considered for the road map: Various factors unique to the Indian Army’s employability, remote locations of employment and operational commitments were considered to arrive at a definite time-bound road map.

Salient features of the road map

More procurement of EVs: The existing shortage of buses would be fulfilled by procuring electric buses for select peace establishments for initial exploitation.

Around 25% of light vehicles, 38% of buses and 48% of motorcycles of select units and formations will be changed to EVs with adequate charging infrastructure.

Charging infrastructure: To enable a viable EV ecosystem as part of the overall plan, the required support infrastructure is being created. EV charging points on the parking lots of offices and residential complexes for charging are being set up, which will have at least one fast charger and two or three slow chargers.

This also includes electric circuit cables and transformers with adequate load-bearing capability based on the anticipated number of EVs per station. Solar panel-driven charging stations are also planned in phases.

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