Dear Friends,

We are happy to share with you that we shall be commencing with Sociology Augmented Test Series for Mains 2019 and Sociology Classes for Mains 2019 & 2020 shortly.

This program existed last year, but was not publicised by us because it was the first year, and we were yet to get a feedback.

We have received extremely good feedback for our Sociology Classes & Test Series last year, so we shall be commencing with them this year in both Online & Offline Mode.

We shall shortly announce the details, and you can bank on us for providing an extremely good choice for Sociology Classes + Test Series. You can also watch the video below, before you sign up for our program.

We know a lot of you are are unhappy for the way we have been making a lot of our programs offline in New Delhi, but we promise we will cater to our online friends in the coming months. For starters , all our Optional Courses will be available both Online & Offline.

Watch the video below for the Orientation

You can email us for further program details at

P.S. We shall be announcing Optional Classes + Test Series for the below Optional Subjects, which we have already done / been doing for past year, and will be made available in both Online & Offline Mode. These subjects are - Sociology ( Classes + Test Series ) , Anthropology ( Classes + Test Series ) & History ( Classes + Test Series )