Dear Friends, We are pleased to announce the third Batch of CGP ( Foundation ) 2020. We have seen considerable success with the CGP program from the very first Batch itself. The CGP program has the following components and is our Complete Top Grade Program for IAS Preparation, that takes care of the below
  • Knowledge Base for Prelims & Mains by Classes
  • Mains Answer Writing Practice by regular Tests and MGP
  • Prelims MCQ Practice
  • Current Affairs for Prelims & Mains Examination
  • Interview Guidance Program
Before we begin to share with you why we think CGP is the right program for you if you want to leap ahead and not extend your preparation over multiple years by design. There are three key things to clearing the exam in a single or early attempt First, you must clear the Prelims in the very first attempt or at least the early attempts. Most people can clear the exam, if given infinite attempts. However, generally people waste attempts, by writing first attempt to "get the feel". Second attempt, with some studies and third attempt with full preparation. Thus first prepared attempt itself is third attempt and three years gone into dilly dallying. Second, you must have a basic knowledge base to clear the exam. Ever since we set up an offline center in New Delhi - the hub of IAS preparation, we realised that a LOT of candidates are writing the exam without having done basic reading. By this, we mean to say there can be any of the reasons
  • they do not know or trust which books to do, or
  • they may not have capacity or motivation to sit and do self study, just like some people cannot do workout without going to a gym or without a trainer or
  • they decide not to do coaching without assessing their own strengths and weakness, and read on the Internet that toppers don't take coaching or
  • they have taken coaching , but at the time of taking coaching they lacked the maturity, were very young, or seriousness to do it well was lacking, or
  • they did not make notes, and focussed on "understanding" , which they have now forgotten, because it is not written down or
  • they think that like college, UPSC books are to be read once or twice and exam be written or
  • they do not take corrective measures while there is still time, despite failures and annually write exam without doing anything specific for the next attempt and wrote attempt after attempt or
  • have exhausted several attempts doing new things every year like, online websites, then joining small coaching in neighbourhood, online note making, free answer writing, solving online quiz, then making register and making elaborate notes in another year, without sticking to one plan - and without benefitting from previous efforts. In short they have a loose and scattered preparation.
From our limited understanding of this examination,  having mentored and taught Rank 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 8 , 10 , 11, 12, 13, 14, and more than 500+ successful candidates in the past three years of offline existence, specially focusing on Mains preparation first, we have come to arrive that candidates can clear the exam by three components only
  • Right & Trustworthy Guidance
  • Hard Work
  • Motivation from time to time
Out of these three components, we expect the candidate to take care of one - the middle one - Hard Work and leave the Guidance & Motivation to us. The CGP ( Foundation Program ) is NOT
  • only an answer writing program only without unnecessary fatigue and loss of interest in answer writing at the end of it
  • only a classroom program where the focus is on teaching and dictating notes
  • only a test series of Prelims & Mains where all the studying is done by you
  • only a mentorship program with all guidance but no teaching,
The CGP Program combines the best of these into one single program, so that you do not have to waste time scavenging for study material, test series, modules, current affairs. Period.

Components of CGP - Briefly Explained

#1 Content Building Classes  ( General Studies ) - The Content Building Classes  at ForumIAS will cover the static syllabus from the ground up. Focus will be on covering the important areas of the syllabus, building conceptual clarity, developing notes making habit and building a rock solid foundation to the Prelims & Mains #2 Mains Guidance Program ( MGP ) - The most trusted Mentor Guided Mains Test Series for Civil Services Mains Examination, will be an integral part of the CGP program , which will have a separate schedule for the CGP candidates. #3 Current Affairs - CGP candidates will have current affairs classes before Prelims & Mains examination to prepare them holistically for the upcoming examination, and revising the entire years current affairs before the examination #4 Study Material - CGP Students will be provided with printed study material, books, handouts to supplement their preparation. No external resources will be needed by the candidates for their preparation. #5 Prelims Test Series & SFG - All CGP Candidates will be part of FourmIAS Prelims Test Series and the Select Focus Group  SFG ) which will have daily tests at 7AM to train them for the Prelims in war footing. The SFG / RLG has near 100% selection rate in the Prelims examination. #6 Daily Answer Writing Practice - All CGP Candidates will be provided with Daily Answer Writing on the portal, which will be reviewed by a ForumIAS mentor and valuable feedback for the same will be provided, subsequent to which they will be required to start writing their MGP Tests. #7 Essay Foundation Program - Essay writing classes will be held followed by Essay Tests for adequate practice. The Essay Classes will be completed before the Prelims itself so that students have ample time for practice.

Study Calendar & Timelines

Each CGP students will be put in a groups or Cohort as below :
  • Cohort 1 starts from May 15th
  • Cohort 2 starts from June 20th
  • Cohort 3 starts from July 25th
Each cohort will be of size 80-100 only at all times. It is likely that candidates may be shuffled among the cohorts, based on performance after a due course of time. The Classes will commence with basic subjects such as Polity, Economy & Geography in the beginning to build the basic blocks required for the Civil Services. Subsequently, the classes will proceed with Mains specific syllabus such as Ethics Paper, World History etc. The syllabus is estimated to be completed by January, so that by February, candidates can be a part of the Select Focus Group and there is complete focus on Prelims. In the last 2-3 months, candidates will undergo a rigorous, but exciting training on Prelims , by writing daily tests with thousands of students, so that they are all prepared for Civil Services Examination.

Faculty for the Program

The subject-wise tentative faculty list is as follows :
  1. Dipin Damodaran & Team for International Relations & Current Issues
  2. G. Babu for Indian Polity & Governance
  3. Anupam Jain for Economy ( GS Paper 3)
  4. Chandra Sir and Pravin Dixit Sir for History  & Art & Culture
  5. Ayush Sinha for GS Paper 4
  6. Geography & Environment by Prashant Sir
A detailed break up activities will be provided to the students on the first Day of joining the Program.

Who is this program meant for?

This program is suitable for
  • candidates who are complete freshers and want to have a rock solid preparation for CSE 2020 and are prepared to undergo a rigorous one year training with us covering both Prelims & Mains
  • candidates who have written previous attempts, but do not have full preparation of the Prelims or Mains. CGP Student from Batch 1, Minal Karanwal had written two unsuccessful attempts at Prelims before joining us for CGP and got selected with Rank 35. Abhinav Shah , another CGP Student selected for IAS this year had failed Prelims before joining us
  • candidates who want to re-start their preparation from scratch due to any preparation gaps, or simply want to consolidate and update their notes with us.

Few Pointers to Ponder over for Candidates - FRESHERS & OLDER CANDIDATES

  • FRESHERS : Civil Services Preparation requires an integrated approach and takes 1 year of preparation. If you are planning to write CSE 2020, this is our flagship program. If you are a beginner, this program will help you commence on nearly all aspects of CSE preparation - Classes, Notes, Answer Writing, Competitive Peer Group at the earliest.
  • UPSC requires a lot of self study. The program will build the base for doing self study. Regular tests and activities will ensure that you do adequate self study on a daily basis, so that you are on your toes and do not get comfortable.
  • FOR CANDIDATES WHO HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN ATTEMPTS BEFORE : If you are a candidate who has already given one or two attempts without much success, you have already tried self study and it has may not have worked for you in the way you expected it. We understand. You may try for 1-2 more years, but if it is not working out in 1-2 attempts, it wont work out in 3rd attempt unless you solve the root problem. Selection in IAS requires self study in the end, but knowing what to study, having the right notes in your own handwriting, answer writing practice and a sustained motivation matters a lot.
  • If you have failed before, please do not have an ego problem, admitting that you have not been able to put in as much as you wanted to, and keep yourself in an illusion that you will manage all by yourself NOW. There is no problem if you have spent 1-2 years or maybe more experimenting, but one must have a cut off point for experimentation and try to find out the root cause - is it luck, poor preparation or not having notes in the first place? And work on it. Your twenties is a precious thing to waste over a problem that has been and can be solved just by seeking professional help.
  • We have seen students dramatically excel at UPSC when put in a group and put through a rigorous schedule. It is your only chance to get organised and make a fresh beginning.
  • A lot of candidates think of saving effort , labour, don't want to sit in classes , join some Mains Test Series, or some random classes, reading random stuff over the internet and expect guidance. Please understand that this exam requires candidates to sit and write for three hours. Writing for three hours and to get IAS - you have to top the exam - this is not a joke. Its not impossible either, but it requires hard work. Once you are successful, the fruits are so sweet, that you do not even remember how hard you worked.
  • There is no easy way or short cut, sitting in the comfort of your house. We have seen that our students who have even secured good ranks and got a Top service - some of them have resigned and sat in a class and slogged it - not taking a mild approach and have gotten IAS and cadre of their choice.
  • On the other hand, in New Delhi we see that candidates who are unable to write more than 12-15 questions out of 20 questions after 2-3 years of preparation, because (a) they do not have content, and (b) want to develop content through test series - thus leaving serious gaping holes in their preparation. They do test series year after year, but don't have the patience to sit in a class to make notes or increase their knowledge base - because they have the illusion that they know everything. It is just luck that they are missing out on. We have had fairly good results, only because the candidates who joined us began with the premise that there is something that they do not know which is why they are not making it - which is the key to all future learning. Right guidance is also about what not to do for the exam.
  • Why we recommend a proper preparation and giving it due time is because we have evolved from a community to an offline coaching centre. We have seen that candidates who are more mature, have excellent academic record, have even secured ranks - are willing to take classes and make notes ( Rank 7 - Varun Reddy Classroom Program, Previously selected two times ) and ( Rank 13 - Varnit Negi, Classroom Student, selected before in Allied Services  ), but candidates who do not clear Prelims or Mains year after year, even after 2-3 attempts, refuse to take corrective steps, refuse to work on themselves, refuse to work on their build content or even admit the possibility of a lacuna. Sometimes, all these problems can be solved by simply sitting in a class and taking down notes.

Admission Procedure

We have admissions open in three Cohorts
  • Cohort 1 : 15th May - Admissions closing soon 
  • Cohort 2 : 20th May - Seats filling fast
  • Cohort 3 : 25th July - Admissions Open

Application Process

  • If you or your guardian is in New Delhi, you can walk in to ForumIAS Offline Centre and proceed with the admission procedure in a completely offline mode.
  • If you are not in New Delhi, you can apply online by following the details below or sending us an email for further guidance.

Sample Class Notes of CGP / Classroom Program Download Links

Contact Us

In case you have some queries regarding the program, here is how you can reach us
  • Offline Center : ForumIAS Academy, 1st floor, IAPL House, 19 PUSA Road, Opp. Metro Pillar 95-96, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, 110005
  • Email :
  • Phone : 9821711605 ( 8AM - 8PM)
  • Whatsapp : 9821711605 / 8800631116
  • Online Application :
( The CGP Application Server is acting weird, and the website will be restored within 48 hours. Meanwhile you can reach us on Email )