Dear Friends, Download The Current Affairs Revision Classes Handouts that were a part of the ForumIAS Prelims Revision Classes 2019, from the links provided below. ForumIAS Mains Current Issues ( GS Paper 2 & 3 ) for 2019 Mains shall commence after the Prelims, with classes being held 2 times a week in the Offline Mode. Those of you who want to revise Prelims Current Affairs 2019, using these notes, can subscribe to Current Affairs Prelims Classes 2019 by visiting this link  ( All Videos have been uploaded, and support by email and telephone is available )


CA 2019 Article - 0427 ECONOMIC SURVEY 2018 Economy Part 1 Economy Part 2 Interim Budget 2019 IR 2019 Part 1 IR 2019 Part 2 PT Environment 2019 PT Polity 2019 - Part 1 PT S&T 2019 PT S&T MCQ 2 PT S&T MCQ PT S&T Part 2 Social development Final