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Oldest material on earth found inside meteorite that hit Australia

A meteorite that crashed into rural southeastern Australia in a fireball in 1969 contained the oldest material ever found on Earth, stardust that predated the formation of our solar system by billions of year, scientists said on Monday.

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Kerala govt. Challenges CAA in Supreme Court

Kerala has become the first state to challenge in the Supreme Court the constitutionality of the Citizenship Amendment Act. It has filed suit under Article 131.

After Modi’s call, Trump likely to visit Delhi in late February

It is expected that US President Donald Trum may visit India in late February. 

China stands by Sri Lanka, says Wang Yi

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is on an official visit to Srilanka. He has said that China will continue to standby Sri Lanka’s interest. China stands for the Sri Lanka’s sovereignity, territorial integrity and independence.

Iran Nuclear Deal: EU launches dispute mechanism

Britain, France and Germany has ratcheted up pressure on Iran to cease its violations of landmark nuclear deal. These countries have registered their concern that Iran is not meeting its commitments.

The 2015 nuclear deal seeks to prevent Iran from producing a nuclear weapon. US broke the agreement and pulled out unilaterally in 2018.

ASER flags poor learning outcomes in rural schools

NGO Pratham has released Annual status of Education Report (ASER) 2019. According to it, Only 16% of children in Class 1 in 26 surveyed rural districts can read text at the prescribed level, while almost 40% cannot even recognise letters. 

According to the Report - large number of factor determine the quality of education received at this stage, including the child’s home background, especially the mothers education level; the type of school and child’s age in class 1.

A long wait for empowered mayors

The article highlights the status of mayors in India. It argues that Mayors in India are hardly empowered and a progressive policies of Mayor is considered as potential threat by Chief Minister.

It says that Mayors in many global cities go on to lead their country. However, in India it is opposite.

Chalk and cheese in private vs government schools

The article highlights that the ASER findings make a clear case for strengthening early childhood education centres.                 

A regime that choose its critics

The article discusses about why invoking the FCRA to curb the work of NGO’s is troubling.

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Inflation shocker

Retail inflation for the month of December 2019 has surged to 7.35%. The article argues that with growth sagging and price rising, the Indian economy is entering a difficult phase

CRZ rules eased for Blue Flag beaches

The Environment Ministry has relaxed Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) rules that restrict construction near beaches to help States construct infrastructure and enable them to receive Blue Flag certification.