GS 2 Modi letter calls for positive engagement In the first official communication with the new administration in Islamabad, Mr. Modi called for building good neighbourly ties for security and prosperity in the region. Stay with RCEP India must not take the easiest way out on the trade deal and walk out of talks An enduring threat Intelligence agencies have a terrible track record in anticipating religious-oriented terrorism GS 3 A brief history of the rupee The rupee’s depreciation to more than 70 to a dollar just ahead of Independence Day led to historical comparisons of the value of the rupee. These can be misleading, as political freedom did not automatically result in India’s monetary independence in 1947. The rupee’s association with Britain was prolonged by factors beyond India’s control. What Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ignores The profession of of waste removal needs to be made caste-neutral through adoption of technologies Educating people about climate change The World Bank projects that climate change could cost India 2.8% of its GDP, and diminish living standards for nearly half the country’s population, in the next 30-odd years. NDRF aid only for severe calamities There are no legal provisions to designate a disaster a ‘national calamity’