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International relations: Maldives crisis: India in touch with U.S., China(The Hindu) With the emergency in the Maldives still in place and worries about a constitutional crisis, New Delhi is in touch with both Washington and Beijing over the situation, officials confirmed on Friday. Modi in Ramallah today, to discuss peace process(The Hindu) Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his three-nation West Asia tour on Friday with a stopover in the Jordanian capital, Amman, where he met King Abdullah II. PM Modi begins Arab outreach from Jordan(The Hindu) Prime Minister Narendra Modi held bilateral discussions with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Friday, the External Affairs Ministry said in an official statement. The parleys with the king in Amman was the first of Mr. Modi’s meetings during the four-day trip to the West Asian region, which will include a historic first visit to Palestine scheduled for Saturday. UAE will ensure freedom of worship, says envoy(The Hindu) The United Arab Emirates will ensure the freedom of worship for Indian workers and professionals, its Ambassador to India, Ahmed Al-Banna, has said. For here or to go?(The Hindu Opinion) For the estimated 1.5 million Indian Americans waiting for a green card, or permanent residency, in America, this is more than a question about a meal. ‘We need India’s help to solve the impasse’(The Hindu) International actors may intervene to try and resolve the current crisis in the Maldives, but India alone can be the game changer, according to the island nation’s exiled former President Mohamed Nasheed. Beijing calls for ‘home-grown’ solution(The Hindu) China has speeded up its effort to find a home-grown solution to end the crisis in Maldives, to avoid tensions with India and ensure further improvement of post-Doklam ties with New Delhi. Indian Constitution and Polity: SC stays new Tribunal Rules(The Hindu) The Supreme Court on Friday effectively stayed the applicability of provisions of the Central Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal and other Authorities (Qualification, experience and other conditions of service of members) Rules, 2017 which gave the government primacy in making key appointments to tribunals, including the National Green Tribunal.
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Economy: Are fiscal risks increasing?(The Hindu) After the enactment of the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act in 2003 and the related FRBM Rules in 2004, the target fiscal deficit to GDP ratio of 3% for the Union government was achieved only once, in 2007-08, when it was 2.5%. That achievement has yet to be emulated again. Science and Technology: Testing the diagnosis(The Hindu Opinion) Traditional and scientific medical systems cannot be integrated. Mars on earth: simulation tests held in remote desert of Oman(The Hindu) Two scientists in spacesuits, stark white against the auburn terrain of desolate plains and dunes, test a geo-radar built to map Mars by dragging the flat box across the rocky sand. Environment: Murky mining(The Hindu Opinion) The Supreme Court order to halt the murky course that mining has taken in Goa should help restore some balance to the exploitation of iron and manganese ore in the ecologically fragile State.
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