GS 2 ‘Choosing a partner is a person’s fundamental right’ Choice of a partner is a person’s fundamental right, and it can be a same-sex partner, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud said on Tuesday. Poll position There are meaningful electoral reforms beyond simultaneous elections Deep state, deeper problems Pakistan has been ill-served with the ‘corruption is the only problem’ oversimplification, as elections beckon Rhetoric and reality The antecedents and functioning of the much vilified HRC are worth examining. The main criticism against it is that it is made up of states not known for their human rights records; ‘India a stakeholder in Korean peace’ The two leaders addressed a press after official talks on Tuesday during President Moon’s four-day state visit to India, where the two sides signed 11 MoUs and agreements between them Iran will end special privileges to India: diplomat Iran will end “special privileges” to India if Delhi tried to replace Iranian crude with supplies from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United States. GS 3 ‘Eat Right Movement’ off to a healthy start Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on Tuesday unveiled ‘The Eat Right Movement’, built on two broad pillars of ‘Eat Healthy’ and ‘Eat Safe’. The programme aims to engage and enable citizens to improve their health and well-being by making the right food choices. Data that can save lives Data can help reduce the number of people impacted by natural disasters WhatsApp gives tips on spotting fake news To tackle the issue of fake information being spread using its platform, instant messaging application WhatsApp starts to  published advertisments in various newspapers giving out ‘easy tips’ that can help users decide if “something sent to you on WhatsApp is true.” 60% of Indian computers are vulnerable: Avast CTO over 60% of the personal computers in India were vulnerable to cyber crimes. As many as 18% of routers, 17% phones, 14% printers, 25% network associated storages, 4% security cameras and 2% media boxes too were vulnerable to threats in India. In comparison, only 9% of personal computers, 3% phones, 25% of routers, 16% of printers and 23% of security cameras in Japan were under threat. Fossil of first ‘giant dinosaur’ species found in Argentina Giant dinosaurs lived on the earth much earlier than previously thought, according to a team of excavators in Argentina, who discovered the remains of a 200-million-year old species. Western Ghats fourth best tourist spot in Asia Older than the Himalayas and well known for its rich and unique flora and fauna, the Western Ghats has figured in Lonely Planet’s top five “2018 Best in Asia” list