Upcoming Current Affairs & Essay Test Series GS 1 Making it difficult to ‘Other’ the Muslim A new hashtag, #TalkToAMuslim, began trending on Twitter earlier this week. In what is an ironic comment on the times, a campaign seeking to counter communal polarisation itself fell prey to polarisation. GS 2 Details of 2015 Naga agreement emerge The government has informed a Parliamentary panel that it signed a framework agreement with the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) after it agreed on a settlement within the Indian federation with a “special status.” Lynching & the law The Supreme Court order calling for a special law to deal with lynching sends a strong message about the growing phenomenon of mob violence. Dangerous law The ‘nation state’ law passed by Israel’s Parliament amid strong protests by Opposition lawmakers, has raised concerns about its commitment to peace in the region GS 3 India to expand polar research to Arctic as well Three decades after its first mission to Antarctica, the government is refocusing priorities to the other pole — the Arctic — because of opportunities and challenges posed by climate change. A vote of no confidence from the farmers There is enough evidence to show that the government has failed farmers and agricultural labourers in a big way Should WhatsApp be held accountable for lynchings? Misinformation and propaganda have flooded our messaging apps and little is being done by law enforcement agencies, the government, and WhatsApp to fix this. Regulating foreign universities in India Reports this year said the government has renewed its push for foreign universities in India. Canada’s biggest public pension fund CPPIB to step up investment in India Canada’s biggest public pension scheme sees India as its main focus for investment in Asia as the country pours money into infrastructure development. Wildlife scientists satellite-collar a dhole In a first, wildlife scientists have collared a dhole, the Indian wild dog, with a satellite transmitter to study the habits of the endangered species.