Mains Test Series GS 2 Changing the order of battle Traditional diplomacy appears to be giving place to big power summitry as the way to get things done The art of writing a judgment Judicial academies must focus on equipping trainee judges with skills to write accurate, simple, bias-free orders Befriending the neighbour Bhutan and India have a unique relationship matched by no two other countries. This is a relationship based on trust, built brick by brick from the Treaty of Friendship signed in Darjeeling in 1949. The Israeli turn The new law is a departure from the territorial principle and is likely to erode Israel’s legitimacy as a nation state PM in Africa amid a fall in trade While India’s investments have fallen, China has ramped up its presence on the continent GS 3 Stimulus mode Unveiling a mini-Budget of sorts in the middle of the financial year, the Goods and Services Tax Council has announced a reduction in the tax rates for over 85 goods. Short spells of heavy showers With an increase in heavy rainfall of short durations during the summer monsoon in many places in India, scientists at Pune’s Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) have coined a new term to define such events — mini-cloud bursts. A mini-cloud burst is defined as rainfall in excess of 50 mm in two consecutive hours. Banks agree to resolve stressed assets quickly Leading lenders of the country on Monday signed an agreement among themselves to grant power to the lead lender of the consortium to draw up a resolution plan for stressed assets. Iran becomes India’s No. 2 oil supplier Iran was the second-biggest oil supplier to Indian state refiners between April and June, India’s Oil Minister said on Monday, replacing Saudi Arabia as companies took advantage of steeper discounts offered by Tehran.