Upcoming Current Affairs & Essay Test Series GS 2 SC slams custom of genital mutilation Female genital mutilation has numerous health hazards associated with it and amounts to violation of right to life and dignity of a woman The narrow and the transformative The Supreme Court is hearing cases that place it at the heart of the culture wars The big five at 10 BRICS has grown in influence in its first decade but is still far from achieving its initial goals A balancing Act Amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act aim to limit overzealousness of enforcement agencies, but they raise important concerns too The case for increasing the retirement age of judges A retirement age of around 70 for judges is commonplace in most Western liberal democracies LS passes Bill on rape punishment The Lok Sabha on Monday passed the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2018, that provides for the death sentence for raping a girl under 12 years and enhances the minimum punishment for rape of a woman from seven to 10 years. Centre for removal of ‘NOTA’ from RS poll The Supreme Court on Monday reserved for judgment a PIL petition, which won the full support of the Centre, seeking to scrap the ‘NOTA’ option in Rajya Sabha election. GS 3 Leg-up for private sector participation in defence equipment manufacturing In a major step towards boosting private sector participation in domestic defence manufacturing, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) approved the implementation of Strategic Partnership guidelines Ban on oxytocin: doctors feel pinch The move, which came into effect from July 1, was intended to curb the hormone injection’s misuse in cattle but the impact is being felt by pregnant women, who require the medication the most. A good beginning The data protection bill drafted by the Srikrishna panel ticks many boxes ‘Bubble risk’ brews as unsecured loans rise With retail loans largely driving bank credit growth, and unsecured loans constituting almost a third of the retail portfolio, analysts say a ‘bubble’ may be brewing, meriting closer monitoring. Suicide reports in media can affect vulnerable people: study Reading details about suicide cases can push vulnerable people towards taking the extreme step, say scientists who underscore the need for understanding the impact of media reports on suicidal populations. Stem cells will now fight Parkinson’s Japanese scientists announced on Monday the first human trial to treat Parkinson’s disease by injecting stem cells into brain, building on an earlier trial on primates.