GS 2 Privatise all political parties NITI Aayog chief, all he said was that India should hand over its schools, colleges and jails to the private sector — something long overdue. Why we need a Constitution Constitutions are needed not only to limit wielders of existing power but to empower those traditionally deprived of it GS 3 Nothing but lies: fake videos, rumour set off the lynch mobs Over 20 people have died in mob attacks triggered by fake news, and experts say social media should deploy technology to stop the mischief IMA forms committee for emotional well-being of doctors Study shows stress and depression on the rise among doctors; they have a significantly higher suicide rate than the general population Farm policies off target: study According to researchers at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — an intergovernmental body of 36 developed countries — and the Indian think tank ICRIER, who analysed policies that affected the agricultural sector over the two-year period, government interventions were more consumer-centric than producer-centric. Viral Acharya, banking on reforms The Reserve Bank of India’s Deputy Governor in charge of monetary policy, Viral Acharya, recently surprised many with his candid remarks that reforms of public sector banks have taken a back seat. In Telangana, fighting fake news Telangana has been using all hands, government machinery, village heads, folk musicians and so forth, to fight back against the spread of rumours and fake news that have taken lives. A vigil over neonatal sepsis Antimicrobial resistance has become a global health challenge, making easily treatable infections difficult to treat. The problem has not spared vulnerable population groups either such as newborn babies who need urgent treatment in conditions such as neonatal sepsis.