Mains Test Series GS 2 Free fall The Tamil Nadu government’s attitude towards news media has hit a new low At the heart of the Silk Road Xinjiang province has the most to offer China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. But with ethnic tensions and a relatively poorer economic position, it could also contribute a lot of problems. Seychelles stalls project for Indian naval base The Parliament of the Seychelles will not ratify India’s plans to build a naval base in the western Indian Ocean region. GS 3 States’ claim on fighting plastic only strong on paper While Maharashtra may be gearing up for a stringent ban on plastic, experience from across the country suggests that States’ claims on reigning in plastic are stronger on paper than on the ground. Wages of vigilantism Episodes of mass communal violence have given way to smaller-scale attacks against individuals All in the name Skopje has resolved a festering dispute with Athens over the name of the Balkan nation that emerged following the disintegration of Yugoslavia An adviser with nobody to advise Arvind Subramanian has had quite a paradoxical tenure as the Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) to the Finance Minister. Oil rises after OPEC agrees to lift output Oil prices rose almost 3% on Friday as OPEC agreed to a modest increase in output to compensate for losses in production at a time of rising global demand.