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International groupings and agreements For a stronger India-U.S. bond: (The Hindu) A critical factor impacting business engagement between the two nations is an unprecedented focus by the U.S. on high-skill labour mobility. Indian firms firmly support weeding out the abuse of the visa system. Government policies Is it time to block and chain the EVMs?: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Given the Aadhaar infrastructure and the proliferation of cellphones in India, blockchain technology can easily be adapted to fight voter fraud.

Parliament and State Legislatures Whose privilege?: (The Hindu, Editorial) Legislatures must not invoke power to punish for breach of privilege.
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Pollution and conservation ‘Super-efficient energy category to be new norm’: (The Hindu) The recently-released Energy Conservation Building Codes can save as much as 50% of conventional energy consumption. Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

A tryst with destination tax: (Indian Express, Editorial)

We are inheritors of a sound economy, on the verge of higher growth, and we have to live up to the high standard of a few years ago. We cannot encourage high tax rates or high handed tax administration, for no nation can have a vibrant economy whose tax laws and tax administration are narrow in thought or application.

China shares in MSCI index: what it means: (The Hindu) It is the world’s biggest index compiler, with more than $10 trillion in assets benchmarked to its products, with emerging markets alone accounting for $2 trillion. The global economy in 2067: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The digital revolution promises to lift global growth to new heights but we must create a more prosperous, equitable and stable future.

Being smart: (The Hindu, Editorial) Any attempt to improve our cities depends on how data are compiled and shared.
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NASA-ISRO satellite at stake:

The satellite aims to study global environmental change and natural disasters. However, climate change seems to be a red rag for the current American administration.