Mains Test Series GS 2 India, Seychelles talk of ‘mutual welfare’ India made it clear that its security and strategic cooperation will go ahead with Seychelles by declaring a major Line of Credit for the defence sector Centre may miss NRC deadline A source said the Centre might move the Supreme Court to extend the deadline for the publication of the final draft from June 30 to July 8. Erdoğan’s day Turkey’s President breezes through the election and will now wield enhanced powers GS 3 Reduce, segregate We need substitutes for plastic, incentives to re-use, and better waste disposal At the crossroads The image links violence as an act of production with violence as consumption. It is almost as if it attempts to create a new idea of the social. The old idea of the social around the family or state sounds tired and empty, even stale. The new social is quick to form and quick to dispense. It is represented by the mob. An unequal platter It is time the government finds a sustainable solution to the malnutrition crisis Uniquely placed The Northeast represents a distinct entity for developmental planning and has a special category status. The Finance Commission must heed the Northeast’s challenges A TB vaccine for diabetics? The century-old tuberculosis vaccine called BCG (Bacillus Calmette–Guérin) might lower blood sugar in diabetes patients several years after they get the shot, a small but path-breaking study, published in npj Vaccines, suggests. Centre cannot guarantee power supply to all villages, says official State-level distribution companies should ensure power availability; Centre can only connect villages and households to grid $4.5 tn investment needed for infra: FM The country will need more than $4.5 trillion in investments over a decade to create infrastructure but the cost of such investments will be a challenge, Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s (AIIB) annual meeting on Monday. ‘Anchor bank for PSB consolidation put on hold’ The concept of having 5-6 anchor banks and merging weaker banks with them to drive consolidation among public sector banks (PSBs) has been put on the back-burner. Toxic air is causing malnutrition in trees Besides affecting human health, air pollution is also causing malnutrition in trees by harming a fungi that is important for providing mineral nutrients to tree roots, finds a new study.