Mains Test Series GS 2 Revise relations with Iran, Haley tells India The U.S. had clarified that India must comply with sanctions against Iran and bring oil imports to “zero” by November 4. The deepening disconnect Postponement of the 2+2 dialogue has come amid growing India-U.S. estrangement in South Asia. GS 3 Target incomes, not prices The trouble is, pricing policies distort market prices and send the wrong signal to farmers on what to produce and how much. Our inept policy system fails to correct such situations, which then spiral out of control. But if the problem is volatile incomes, the solution must target incomes, not prices. Sinking rupee The rupee, which has lost almost 8% in value since January 1, is the worst-performing currency in Asia this year. Listening in Setting up social media communication hubs to monitor digital chatter is a violation of the right to privacy. Reducing plastic pollution The Plastic Waste Management Rules of 2016 are the sharpest prongs in India’s legal arsenal against plastic. The most significant aspect of the Rules is that they strengthen the concept of ‘extended producers responsibility’ whereby plastics manufacturers and retail establishments that use plastic are legally bound to introduce a system of collecting back plastic waste. Is biodiversity treaty a hurdle to conservation research? The CBD is aimed at conserving biological diversity, sustainably using biological components and fair and equitable sharing of benefits that may arise out of the utilisation of genetic resources. But this has generated “unintended consequences” for research; due to national-level legislations instituted by countries under the CBD, obtaining field permits for access to specimens for non-commercial research has become increasingly difficult