GS 2 Employee has right to resign, says Supreme Court An employee cannot be compelled to serve in case he is not willing “until and unless there is some stipulation in the rules or in the terms of appointment or disciplinary proceedings is pending or contemplated which is sought to be avoided by resigning from the services.” Ten years after the Mumbai attack Vigilance is important against new variants of terror, remaining ahead of the curve is even more vital Along the new Silk Roads Regional agreements such as the BRI could embrace greater trade liberalisation goals Leave them alone Calls to take action against the Sentinelese for a tragic death are dangerously misguided 106 judicial postings in a month The government has singularly honoured the recommendations of the Supreme Court Collegium since October 3, the day Justice Ranjan Gogoi took office as 46th Chief Justice of India. GS 3 RIMES terms Titli cyclone ‘rarest of rare’ It has recommended a detailed assessment to understand the risks in the wake of the devastation HIV infected children likely to suffer cognitive impairment: study Research on children under ART treatment in eastern India showed lower neuropsychological test scores, calling for better nutritional, psychological support Ahead on malaria India has suffered from a major burden of malaria for decades, with high levels of morbidity and death. But the declining trend of the scourge shows that sustained public health action can achieve good results. Andaman & Nicobar Islands: home to a tenth of India’s fauna species The islands, comprising only 0.25% of country’s geographical area, has 11,009 species, according to a publication by the Zoological Survey of India