Government Policies A welfare test for Aadhaar: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Exclusion and denial of benefits to the poor needs urgent attention.

Unsafe boilers: (The Hindu, Editorial) The Unchahar tragedy points toan unforgivably lax safety protocol. Effects of developed and developing countries policies The Japanese pivot: (The Hindu, Editorial) Constitution ‘Article 35A is not part of the Constitution of India’: (The Hindu) Every Article has been made applicable to J&K through Article 370. In Article 370, the President has been given powers to amend, alter or modify any article viz-a-viz J&K, with exceptions and modifications.
Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment Further reforms are needed for the GST to succeed: (Live Mint, Editorial) The systematic bias against small-scale dealers embedded in its present design is harming supply chain structures and must be remedied. Security Pak. faces flak over terror funding: (The Hindu)

India forces Financial Action Task Force to demand compliance report.

Prelims Related News

DRDO successfully tests guided bomb:

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully tested an indigenously developed light weight glide bomb, Smart Anti Airfield Weapon (SAAW), which can target large enemy infrastructure, like airfields.