Social Issues Sexual intercourse with minor wife is rape, says SC: (The Hindu) Seen as trigger to declare child marriages voidSays a child remains a child even if she is married A girl child below 18 can’t be treated as a commodity. Marriage no bar: (Indian Express, Editorial)

SC verdict criminalising sex with a minor wife is a warning: ‘Sanctity of marriage’ must not be misused to cover up rape.

Government Policies SC to frame norms for drafting ‘living wills’: (The Hindu) ‘A person’s advance order to withdraw medicare to allow him to die with dignity should take effect after medical board nod’. The will to die: (The Hindu, Editorial) Advance directives on withdrawal of life support must come with robust safeguards. Accountability, not armour plating: (The Hindu, Editorial) We need a debate on police reforms.
Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment Council acts to ease cascading tax impact on petroproducts: (The Hindu) Exclusion of petrol, diesel, ATF and crude from GST creates pricing complexities. Economic slowdown reflects an investment in India’s future: (Live Mint, Editorial) The IMF looks forward to a re-acceleration of India’s economic growth after blips related to tax reforms. Security A less perilous world: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Nobel to ICAN carries a message: Despite influence of nuclear deterrence school, cause of disarmament remains relevant.

Inclusive growth A ‘regulatory lab’ for financial inclusion: (Live Mint, Editorial) It would allow innovators to test new fintech products and services in a controlled, yet live, environment.
Prelims Related News
Pondicherry shark may have become extinct, fear scientists: IUCN conducts assessment in waters of the Arabian Seas Region. Common gene variants for skin tone found: A study of nearly 300 people living in different parts of India found that nine single-base variants (single-nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) account for 31% variation in the colour of the skin.