GS 2 The great Indian abdication India, at present, is going through a deep crisis in which the mission of deepening democracy, and protecting and advancing social freedoms is placed solely upon the judiciary. Not without her consent At the heart of this change is the utter failure of due process. Victims who have written formal complaints and tried to get their organisations to act have mostly found themselves facing a system that prefers to be complicit with the perpetrators. #UsToo The movement to make workplaces safe for women must involve us all Has the SC missed a chance to keep criminals out of polls? The Election Commission (EC), frustrated by its own helplessness in the matter, has been crying hoarse to the government, political parties and the apex court for help in stemming corrupt influences on our legislatures. The court’s verdict essentially passed on the responsibility to the EC itself. Silent and suffering Manual scavenging remains a social reality despite a 2013 act calling for its abolition U.S. sanctions Act no hurdle: Russian envoy Kudashev hints at more defence deals with India after the conclusion of the S-400 Triumf missile purchase GS 3 1 in 5 Indian children ‘wasted’, says GHI Overall, India has been ranked at 103 out of 119 countries in the Index, with hunger levels in the country categorised as “serious”. India’s ranking has dropped three places from last year, although the Index says its results are not accurately comparable from year to year and instead provides a few reference years for comparable data. An economics fix The Nobel committee noted that the duo’s work “brought us considerably closer to answering the important question of how we can achieve sustained and sustainable economic growth”. Antibiotics to grow farm animals raise superbug risk The world’s biggest animal drugs company has been accused of double standards and of exposing consumers in India to “higher levels of risk” by selling antibiotics for purposes now banned in Europe and the U.S.