Government Policies SC asks Centre to strike a balance on Rohingya issue: (The Hindu) Says humanitarian concern, national security must be considered. The legal message: (The Hindu, Editorial) Removing the current marital exception to rape will also have an important signalling effect. Effects of developed and developing countries policies Islamabad to revive talks on terror: (The Hindu) Afghanistan  has announced a revival of the Pakistan-led Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) to bring the Taliban into talks, saying that the next meeting of the group comprising officials from the U.S., China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, would be held in Oman.
Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment Six steps to job creation: (The Hindu, Editorial) It is crucial to align policy across sectors and upgrade the country’s social infrastructure. Security India to build more roads on China border: (The Hindu) Four passes in the sector will be connected by 2020 on priority basis.
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