GS 2 2013 report wanted changes to sexual harassment law The Centre recently announced its plan to set up a panel of judges to look into the legal and institutional framework to curb sexual harassment at workplaces following the #MeToo campaign on social media. When the judiciary rewrites a faith If a community believes in, and establishes a religious practice as essential, it should be accepted The imperative of impact assessment The idea of legislative impact assessments is slowly getting traction around the world, since there is widespread acceptance of the idea that laws and rules need to be comprehensively analysed prior to their enactment so as to minimise such negative externalities, or at the very least, to identify them. Bonding with Africa, in partnership India and China need to link their development plans for the continent GS 3 Windmills are not so green for wildlife Windmills are seen as a source of green energy, but researchers say they pose a threat to wildlife in forests through collisions and noise. Resisting resistance India needs to strengthen and implement regulations on antibiotic misuse Helping the invisible hands of agriculture With the ‘feminisation of agriculture’ picking up pace, the challenges women farmers face can no longer be ignored Govt. panel struggles to define ‘shell company’ The multi-agency committee set to finalise the definition of a “shell company” for the purposes of enforcing penal laws for various violations is yet to arrive at a consensus to diverse opinions on yardsticks for identification of such entities.