Social Issues For a knowledge economy: (The Hindu, Editorial) India needs to do more than just pour money into higher education institutions.
Government Policies Back to paper: (The Hindu, Editorial) A State-wide voter paper trail may silence the EVM’s critics, but is a regressive step. Service For Swachhata: (Indian Express, Editorial)

In three years, Swachh Bharat Mission has become a mass movement.

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment Fewer GST slabs possible after rise in revenue: (The Hindu) Bigger reforms such as lower number of slabs under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime can be considered once there is revenue buoyancy. GST: old habits spur poor compliance:  (The Hindu) Behavioural factors, date clashes lead to missed deadlines for filing returns. GST: competitiveness to quell power costs:  (The Hindu) Considering its role in developing the economy and in achieving universal electrification, the Central and State Governments have always given special tax treatment to the power sector in the past. But post GST, that trend may not continue. To tackle the Indian economy’s woes, create more jobs: (Live Mint, Editorial) Short-term measures for providing income relief at the bottom of the pyramid won’t address root causes. Pollution and conservation Coal is still the secret of our energy:  (The Hindu) Demand for coal is expected to climb despite ramping up of renewable energy capacity. Cropping pattern, Agriculture, e-technology Four steps to stabilize the price of pulses: (Live Mint, Editorial) Flexibility in export policy, in terms of permitting exports of the restricted pulses during times of excess production, will help provide some cushion.
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Large solar storm sparks global aurora on Mars:

An unexpectedly strong solar storm hit Mars this month, sparking a global aurora and doubling radiation levels on the red planet.